Swing technique and style are as unique as a player’s fingerprints.
I utilize the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) system to screen and identify physical factors that limit swing potential.  I can then customize an exercise program to help you build a more repeatable and efficient golf swing.

The TPI Medical-Golf Fitness Program begins with a fitness evaluation testing posture, balance, flexibility, stability, and core strength. This evaluation identifies physical weaknesses that relate to the golf swing.

Based on evaluation results, golfers are provided with a fitness handicap and prescribed an individualized workout program. With compliance to their program, golfers will improve their 'fitness' handicap along with building a more efficient and repeatable golf swing. This will translate into lower scores, less frustration, and more FUN on the course. In addition, a more ‘fit’ golfer is less prone to injuries common to the game.

The TPI Medical-Golf Fitness Program is designed to complement golfer’s instructions received through their PGA Golf Professional

Duane brings over 35 years of Orthopedic and Sports Injury Physical Therapy experience, along with a passion for the game to this service. He is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute on the Medical Practitioner level – MP2, and currently the only Physical Therapist in Acadiana offering this service.

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